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Oct 16, 2020

Sleepbuds 2 waking me up :-(

I have the new sleepbuds for a couple of days now. I was REALLY looking forward to this as sleeping quality became more and more of an issue due to the traffic becoming more intense and waking me up early. 


However, after trying them for couple of nights (3 to be exact) I'm actually more tired then before. Falling into sleep is fine now after few days, but the sounds wake me up around 4 every night. Even earlier then the usual traffic :-(. 


I know I can set a timer to turn off the sound after few hours, but the problem I'm having is trying to sleep longer, not to fall asleep faster. I have no issues with that. 


Curious about experience of other users. Do you need to take some time to get used to it? Did people experience similar problems in the beginning? I really hope so because at this point I'm thinking about returning them.