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May 18, 2019

Re: Sleepbuds Discontinuing Discussion

Update to my previous post: The rep told me it may take up to 4 weeks but good thing is that I got it 10 days later (including weekends).


My initial thoughts after using it for about 4 days.

  • The pillow rubbing noise is still there.  Much better but still noticeable.  I'm going to continue to use the duct tape solution
  • Not sure if it's just my perception, but the volume seems louder.  I had to lower the volume from what it was on Sleepbuds 1.
  • Everything seems faster -- eg almost instant connection when my phone is trying to find the sleepbuds at night; almost no lag when I'm controlling the sleepbuds from my phone.  When I wake up in the morning, the connection is still active (whereas on Sleepbuds 1, I frequently find it being disconnected from my phone when I wake up).
  • When I close the charging case with sleepbuds inside, the lid no longer pushes on the sleepbuds.  I found that this is one reason why my Sleepbuds 1 wasn't charging before; the lid was pushing on the buds and dislodging the charging connection.
  • It no longer comes with the power adapter that plugs into the power outlet; it only comes with the usb cable.  (I'm talking about the power "brick" that the usb cable connects to).  Luckily I have 9 other ones from my Sleepbuds 1 warranty replacements.


@alphalog wrote:

Surprisingly after 9 months without the battery charging issue, I'm starting to have volume issues (initially at night - right ear volume lower than the other) but by morning, sounds from both earbuds are barely audible.


I'm in the US.  Called Bose and they are shipping me V2 for free.  According to rep, they don't do advanced replacement anymore, so I have to ship back my V1 unit first.  Rep told me that it would take 4 weeks although she would expedite it.  I asked rep if it's because there's limited V2 units in stock but she told me that it was in stock.  My thought is that if there's limited supply, then I'd rather call Bose 1-2 months later when there may be more inventory so I can get it sooner than 4 weeks.


Anyone already received their V2 replacement? How long did it take for you to get it?