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Dec 13, 2019

Sleepbuds - Feedback/Suggestions

In case Bose decides to release a new version of the Sleepbuds. Here are a few items I noticed during the time I was using the Sleepbuds.


1. Some times the plastic case of the bud rubs on my pillow case and makes noises, which wakes me up. For me this primarily happened on the left side. The pillow case is a fairly soft cotton or cotton-poly blend.


2. I noticed in the ear tip passage between the Sleepbud my ear there are a bunch of tiny holes forming a screen, made of the ear tip material. What I noticed is that sometimes while laying on my right side the Sleepbud sound would be cut off. But if I tipped my face slightly away from the pillow the sound would return. I think what happened is the tip material was being compressed and closing the screen area holes. This was with the medium ear tip. I did try using the large ear tip, which is most likely the size I should be using, but the large tip seemed even more prone to compression of the screen area, cutting off the sound. I never noticed this problem on my left side.


3. Initially I tried playing a sound for a few hours, but when the sound stops I eventually notice and wake up. So I went to playing the sound until stopped or the alarm sounded.


4. Initially I was using the Cascade sound, but after awhile I noticed that I would become marginally awake and think that the sound had stopped. But after becoming a little more aware, I would notice that the sound was still there. Apparently the sound was too consistent and my brain was tuning it out until I tried to listen for it. I ended up using one of the rain sounds (Shower) which has enough audio variation that my brain can't completely tune it out and I don't wake up thinking it stopped.


5. I noticed that in the morning the inside of my ears feels damp. I don't know that there is anything that can be done about that, since any venting would prevent a good sound seal. Though I wonder if the high humidity would cause any problem for the Sleepbuds.