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Oct 3, 2018

Sleepbuds II : High-pitched chirping, clicking or ticking sound

I'm very happy to see a new version of the Sleepbuds.

While I loved the first version, I asked a refund in 2018 for only one reason : The strange noise we could hear in one of the buds.


Old forum topics :


On the "BEHIND THE SCENES" webpage, I couldn't find any reference to this dealbreaking issue.
Something was done about this on the Sleepbuds II ?

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Sep 28, 2020

Re: Sleepbuds II : High-pitched chirping, clicking or ticking sound

fully agree! Was a huge issue, that Bose took a long time to even acknowledge.

And even then, countless hours were spent with back and forward, with Bose reps claiming things like “you’re using it wrong” and “it must just be a faulty pair”.


Once they finally accepted the issue (which appears to be an electronic high pitch whine/squeal, apparently heard by a decent portion of the customer base), a full product recall quickly ensured.


So, when I went to the Gen II info page, I fully expected the big selling point would be “No more electronic whine!”..


But there’s nothing.  Pillow sounds? There was one small thread about this, affecting a handful of people. Why address that, but not this glaring issue?

But the 11 pages (plus countless other similar threads) says that this issue needed addressing.


So Bose, have you solved and removed the electronic whine/squeal you’ve previously acknowledged as being a product flaw?

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Re: Sleepbuds II : High-pitched chirping, clicking or ticking sound

@Christophe31 - Thanks for your message. As noted in your linked thread, should troubleshooting have not resolved your issue for that particular complaint, we invite you to contact support in your region to explore service options as there may have likely been a hardware fault with your product. 


@Tuttle - Sleepbuds were not recalled. They were instead discontinued due to battery performance issues - specifically not charging fully and/or powering down unexpectedly. You can read more information on this HERE.


Should you experience any issues with your Sleepbuds II, we're here to help. All the best.

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Nov 18, 2018

Re: Sleepbuds II : High-pitched chirping, clicking or ticking sound

With all due respect Andy_B, that seems like quite an evasive non-answer to a good question.


I returned 2 pairs of the original sleepbuds due to high pitch noises that often woke me up and left my ears ringing - the same problem with 2 different pairs of units produced several months apart. I was pretty excited to hear about the new version, and would so love to be able confidently pre-order the sleepbuds II, but this answer has put me right off - still no real acknowledgement that there was a problem that a lot of customers reported. I guess I'll wait a few months to see what issues appear with the new version before making any rash decisions this time around.