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Oct 23, 2020

Sleepbuds II Home Run

I am an original owner of Sleepbuds since November 2019. I had to return 3 sets due to battery issues.


I have been evaluating Sleepbuds II for about two weeks. Improvements and fixes:


1. The buds seal better to my ear canals and block out ambient noise far better. I use the large size.

2. They are more comfortable and stay in place. The sound is balanced on both ears throughout the night.

3. The sound files appear to have wider frequency range especially in the low end. This really helps to block out a snoring partner. Also the loudness is higher and allows better matching. I like Warm Static.

4. The buds snap into the case far better.

5. No pillow noise.

6. I usually use them for 9 hours. Battery meter shows 25% left. It does take 6 hours to recharge them.

7. File download is very fast.

8. They still do sweat at my ear canals due to silicone tip. I just remove and wipe clean.

9. Case lights are brighter and easy to view.


Hopefully the new batteries will hold up. They are P312. I wonder if they can be replaced either by the user or Bose?