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Aug 31, 2019

Sleepbuds ii battery again?

Last night I was awakened abruptly when my left earbud stopped working. The app said I lost bluetooth connection, so I tried stopping and starting the bluetooth as recommended with negative results. I then popped the earbuds back into the case and out to reconnect and after a minute the buds started to work again, only for the left one to die. Repeated this and again the left bud died. Upon the third time I checked the battery state when connected - Left - 1%, Right - 64%.


This is the first night this has happened. Started, according to the app with 100% on both buds. They were only active for 4 1/2 hours. The previous nights, I'd end up at the end of 8 hours between 34% and 44% charged.


I'm hoping this is a one night deal because of the negative impact on sleep. I will keep monitoring.


Anyone else?