Sleepbuds not charging


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I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

I am going to send you a Private Message to ask for some further details, please look out for this so I can help you in the most efficient way.


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Re: Sleepbuds not charging

my left buds not charging and the Led light is on , also when i start the the app the left bud wont connect on the first time, i have to put it back in the case then close the case and remove the left buds then it works and now the left buds not charging at all it gives all the time 1%.
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Re: Sleepbuds not charging

I’m using an iPad. There is no link there


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Hi Jazztim and Mustafab, 


I would highly recommend getting in touch with our Customer Service Team via clicking this link. Then kindly scroll and select your region, once this is done please scroll to Contact Us. The team will be on hand and ready to help.


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Re: Sleepbuds not charging

After 7 weeks the right ear bud only charges to 46%. It appears fully charged per the light on the case remaining constant but it’s not. I have reset the case and it makes no difference. This is most disappointing from a premium product at a premium price and I have doubts about the ongoing reliability.

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Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! 


I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Sleepbuds. 


I would suggest contacting your local technical support for assistance. You can find the details by clicking HERE, selecting your country of residence and scrolling down to 'Contact Us'.


I hope this helps.


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Re: Sleepbuds not charging

Same problem, at least my sleep buds made it to 5 months. Bose this problem has been going for 6 months, in this forum, how about telling us what the problem is and what the fix will be moving forward. Reputation taking a big hit. We all paid decent money for this product, therefore expect a quick solution.

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Re: Sleepbuds not charging

Same issue here, and I've also tried all the "fixes."


The case shows the right bud fully charged, then the app shows it at 38%. Then I kill and restart the app, and it shows it at 47%, or 48%. So, to summarize...


1. The case thinks it's fully charged.

2. It's not fully charged, according to the app.

3. The app doesn't even really know how much it's charged.


I've updated the firmware, reset the case, deleted and reinstalled the app. 


Is anything being done to address this issue? Seems like a lot of people are having it.



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Re: Sleepbuds not charging

Now mine have gone haywire. Since the problem started with only the right bud charging to 48%, a week ago (or two?) there was an update for the buds inside the app, which I installed. After that update, both buds charged to 100% after that first night.. but since that charge now anything can happen when I take them out of the pod, once the left bud was only charged to 12, but usually it’s still the right one that’s not fully charged, and it now varies; sometimes 56%, sometimes 48%, and so on.

(What did that update do, why do you keep us in the dark? Did you try and address this problem through that update or not??)

I did a test and removed the charger to the pod, and only charged the buds via the pods own battery. Both of the buds got charged 100% and left two lights of battery of the pod. Even so, when I woke up, the battery that was left was 56% on the left bud, but only 24% on the right?? So I guess the right one wasn’t really 100% after

Bose: I strongly recommend you go and address this problem PUBLICLY and not only answer us that we should contact some support for exchange budsz because do you know what? I already did that, just after a few weeks of getting my first pair as a Christmas gift, they couldn’t be found by my phone anymore. So I had to send them away and wait for a period of days before getting my new ones. Keep in mind that I need these buds to sleep because my partner is snoring like crazy. So the product that we payed quite a lot for I am not using during these days waiting for my new ones.

My point is: when you just recommend each one here to contact the support for new ones, you are not handling the bigger issue here. I done wanna go through the exchange hassle yet again?! I want you to fix the problem. I an getting annoyed with you and my opinion of Bose, and the quality that i thought it stood for, is gone.

Please contact me personally through email and help me with the process of getting new ones. And you know what, I am keeping these defect ones until I get my new ones, then I can send you these defected ones. As you know through this thread this is a very usual problem so I guess my reasoning will be alright with you?

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Re: Sleepbuds not charging

Bose, everyday you don't say anything your reputation goes further down the toilet.

If you're not fixing it give me my money back.