Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

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Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

Yeah have been forced back to earplugs this week.
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Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

I'm sorry to hear that....
I managed until 00:45 and had to rip them out. Are they getting worse???
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Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

They have recently gotten worse, most noticeabley:

High-pitched noise
Right bud doesn't charge

Very odd.
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Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

Appreciate your reply and am sorry your also experiencing this. It has been driving me crazy, some comfort knowing it wasn’t just me! It’s been so long since I’ve had a good sleep, I had high hopes for the buds but now feel I’ve made an expensive blunder in buying something that will now sit in a drawer. The other noise masking sounds don’t work for me, guess I’ll go back to earplugs and hope Bose can rectify these issues that are coming up on this forum.
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Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

Great to stumble across this thread.
I suffer with a muscular tinnitus caused by the tympanic muscle going into spasm. I received the buds on Friday, first successful evening with them in last night. Unfortunately I suffer with this tympanic flutter constantly and it’s exasperated by using a computer or looking at any sort of screen. For this reason I’m really pleased to have these so I can wear them discreetly at work whilst continuing with work. I agree though, the option to have your own music played would be great as they are so comfortable. Expensive but had to ask myself what the cost of my sanity was.

Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

Hi Annamay91,


Thanks for sharing your experience with your sleepbuds. We are glad they are helping you sleep. As far as your suggestions, our development teams monitor these threads and will take all suggestions seriously!




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Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

F.A.O. Development Team
* We need to know if you have future plans regarding keeping this product current and up to date. If so what are they - we want specifics.
* If there are none or are on the distant horizon then we need to know that too.

In an age where transparency is the goal, I suggest swift, honest answers as the best policy for dealing with your customers.
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Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

Hi @Annamay91 


I have very recently started suffering from what I believe is the same issue you describe with the tympanic muscle going into spasm (may also be knows as Middle ear Myoclonus/MEM?) You have my sympathy, I hope you are managing to cope. Sleep is proving challenging for me and I'd love to hear whether you are still finding relief with the sleepbuds ? I have been using an app called 'ReSound Tinnitus Relief' with wired in-ear earphones which has provided relief but sleeping on my side becomes uncomfortable on the ear. 


I would echo the other comments on this thread around Bose collaborating with Tinitus relief app providers to acquire proven sounds for Tinnitus sufferers. The only thing preventing me purchasing a pair of Sleepbuds is the concern that the sounds on the Bose app will not be as effective as I find the 'Resound Tinnitus Relief' sounds. 

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Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

Yes I would also like proper pink and white noise sounds.

I have hyperacusis which is why I am using them to help me sleep and mask certain noises.

White noise and pink noise are the best in my experience.

Warm Static is close but slightly too mechanic for me.

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Re: Some feedback to Bose on Sleepbuds

Hi L_I
How are you?
I’m so glad I received your email, I have to admit I stopped looking at the forum here because I found such great relief from the sleepbuds.
I bought them outright with the intention to return them and purchase them on a payment plan if I found them effective.
Well, when I received them I was so bowled over by how great they were I decided to suck up the cost and continue using them right away. Even without the white noise emitting, having a sleep bud in my ear alone was enough to mask the muscular noise.
I would be so interested to find out some more about your symptoms.
Do you hear the sound all the time or does it come and go? Does it last days, months, or minutes? Does anything exasperate it, mine sounds more intense when I move my head or something is moving infront of me on a screen such as the TV.
I totally sympathise with you about how you’re feeling. The one thing I’ve had to learn is how to get around the isolated feeling of having something blocking out the noise. I suffer with anxiety and this was heightened massively when this all started. If you have any questions, please do let me know.
I look forward to hearing from you.