Waking with sore ears

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Waking with sore ears

Purchased these 2 days ago and was so hoping they would work. However I find that I wake in the night with very sore ears. I am a side sleeper and it feels like a pressure pain from the bud pressing against the cartilage. I swapped out from medium to small with no relief. Are there other styles of covers or are the ones that come with the buds the only choice? Really like these but may have to return them if no solution is available. 


Re: Waking with sore ears

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I'm so sorry to hear you have sore ears with the Sleepbuds. I would suggest contacting technical support so we can assist you further with this.


You can reach the Sleepbuds support team at 1-800-905-1273.



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Re: Waking with sore ears

I used large and got bad pain, went back down to medium and seems fine. Hopefully they can help you.