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Dec 8, 2019

Will a new 2-year warranty cover sleepbud exchanges?

If I exchange my current sleepbuds instead of ask for a refund, will the new replacement pair of sleepbuds have a 2-year warranty that begins from the date I receive them?

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May 14, 2019

Re: Will a new 2-year warranty cover sleepbud exchanges?

Under the product announcement FAQs in my sleep buds app it’s says they have two year warranty? Now I see someone posted it’s only a two year for European customers and one year for US and Canada? Explain to me why that is? According to my app I should have a two year warranty I am in the US. My third replacement sets seems to be working so I don’t want to return them before 12/31 this year if they are still working.  But if they stop working after 12/31 I should have up to two years to get a refund..


Re: Will a new 2-year warranty cover sleepbud exchanges?

Hello @jswing and @cvb


Thanks for reaching out, welcome to the community. 


For the Sleepbuds, you will have a 2 year warranty on your product. If you want to continue using Sleepbuds we’ll replace yours with a pair that has newly manufactured batteries. To be clear, we haven’t fixed the battery-related issues, but these newer units are less likely to be susceptible to problems than an older one. We expect — but can’t guarantee — that we’ll have enough inventory to offer replacements into early 2020. 


If you experience issues after December 31st 2019, you’ll be covered under the product’s two-year warranty, which includes a replacement, if available, or a refund. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions. 


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support 

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