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Dec 11, 2019

Worlds most shocking service, No one to speak to as HK do not have managers!!

Received the Email that sleep pods had a challenge with batteries and we need to send the unit back for credit. First opportunity I had, traveled all the way to a Bose store already set on buying a new headphones with the credit would be receiving back. Got to the store told I had to ship the head phones back to Bose they do not handle this in store. Here is a email address..... Ok sure travel all the way back home....on route reach out team tell me no problem they will send a courier (trust restored), on the collection day nothing .... get a email saying they cannot collect as I stay too far... Ok so now what....Eventually I left the unit where they did collect. During this process nothing but rude and honesty unprofessional communications. When I eventually spoke to someone told Me He is the highest I can go and there are no managers in Bose HK. Well to boot he basically said He does not really care too..... Well they have the headsets (yet to be credited !!) and sent all my the Bose goods back if this is how Bose a brand I have loved for years is gong to treat a long time customer?