annoying hum/buzz after a few hours


Re: annoying hum/buzz after a few hours

Hi all,


I just wanted to jump in here and let everyone know that if you are having issues with your sleepbuds that standard troubleshooting won't help I would suggest contacting your local Sleepbuds team for help. Here is a link you can use. Click on your region, scroll down until you see "Contact Us."




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Re: annoying hum/buzz after a few hours

@40Winx wrote:
I am glad to hear that a replacement has worked for you. May I ask how long you have been using the replacements for?
Did you get any explanation as to the future of this product as regards updates of any kind?


I've had the replacements for over a month.  I had a longish conversation with tech support.  I should mention the number given here is a direct number and will get you to a human immediately.  Try doing that with the cable company.  Even better, the tech support is product specific, so the person you talk to knows the Buds better than you.  There is no "reading from a script" by someone they just hired.


And they are VERY aware of all the issues and try their darndest to help.  The guy I talked to said the BT issues relate to the latest updates and changes in smartphone operating systems and BT protocol issues.  These affect (according to him) a small percentage of users and they continue to work on solutions.  I think "phone free" mode is a perfectly acceptable temp solution for the majority of users who don't need to Buds as an alarm clock.

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Re: annoying hum/buzz after a few hours

Update to my personal situation.
I have arranged a refund and the operator was very interested in the poor product and the poor service offered here in the online community by the moderators.
He wanted to know specific names of moderators ignoring direct questions and also admitted that this is the first product regarding wellness that Bose has ventured into, stopping himself short of admitting there was a persistent issue for many.
I am glad to be rid of them personally but hope they do manage to resolve this in future.
To everyone else, if you are struggling and a refund is an option then I strongly recommend you take it. Other than that I commiserate with you through your struggles and I wish you the very best.
For those who don't have any problems and they work fine... You are honoured, truly enjoy the sleepbuds on behalf of the rest of us!
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Re: annoying hum/buzz after a few hours

Surely at this stage they must be talking about a recall?