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Oct 6, 2020

feature request: switch between sounds after set interval

I would like to request the ability to have the Sleepbuds II automatically switch between sounds after a set amount of time. For instance, I would select a tranquility sound as my sound #1, then after 60 minutes (or whatever interval I set after which time I expect to fall asleep), the app would smoothly transition to a noise masking sound as sound #2.


Here's why I would like this feature added: I find the noise masking sounds are good at blocking external noise. However, they're not as good at helping me fall asleep. In my current environment, the noise I want to block happens early in the morning. So, ideally, I would listen to something more relaxing like a tranquility sound while I am trying to fall asleep. Then, the noise masking sound that plays later in the night/early morning would continue to play and help block out noise that might cause me to wake up earlier than I planned.


Since I prefer to use Phone-Free Mode, I would like this feature to work in that mode as well. Additionally, if I wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back to sleep, there should be a quick way to restart the cycle at sound #1. Perhaps that would mean putting the Sleepbuds back in the case and taking them out again if in Phone-Free mode.