left bud doesnt work

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left bud doesnt work


Just received the sleep buds today.. after charging and perform the update i tested the buds and only got on the right one sound.. left doesn't deliver any sound.. on the app are both connected.. already updated the charging-case 


Re: left bud doesnt work

Hi Plon,


Thank you for writing in, and sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your Sleepbuds! It seems you have done some great troubleshooting already, can we try a few more steps? 


1. Let's reset the charging case by inserting a thin paper clip in the hole located on the back of the charging case until a "click:" is heard. 


2. Then please try reseating the Sleepbuds and removing them from the case and verify that they connect through the Sleep app.



If there is still no audio coming from the left earbud, please contact our Sleepbuds Support team so they can take a closer look. 


Contact information: (800) 905-1273.


Let us know how everything works out for you.


Thank you again,



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Re: left bud doesnt work

Note - there are two firmware updates, one for the charging base and the other for the buds themselves.  The charging base update is done through the phone app, but to update the buds firmware (currenlty 1.01) you need to plug the buds/base into a PC and go here:





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Re: left bud doesnt work

Isn't it the other way around? The base is updated with a wired connection and the buds update from the phone app.


Re: left bud doesnt work

Hi Jonat, 


That's a great question! Here are the instructions to update your Sleepbuds.


 The sleepbuds can only be updated through the Sleep app. The charging case can be updated at btu.bose.com.


To update the sleepbuds, follow these steps:

  • The sleep app alerts the user that app that a product update is available by displaying an update icon

  • Tap the update icon to start the update
  • Wait while the sleepbuds update. This typically takes a couple minutes. Do not put the sleepbuds in the charging case during this process

  • When finished, follow the onscreen instruction. "To finish the update, place your sleepbuds back in the case. Wait for the lights next to them to pulse, then remove your sleepbuds."

  • After removing the sleepbuds from the case, tap "Got it" and the sleepbuds should reconnect to the sleep app

To update the charging case, you will need a USB-A to USB-micro B cable:

  • Be sure the computer has internet connectivity, and that you're running a compatible operating system and web browser.
  • Go to btu.bose.com
  • Click "Accept and Continue" to accept the terms of the Bose Updater
  • Click "Download" to download the updater
  • Once downloaded, open the file to install the updater.
  • Connect the charging case to your computer via USB. You may need to refresh the webpage for the updater to recognize that your product is connected
  • If an update is available, click "Apply Changes" to download latest software. You can also click "Learn More" to find out about what improvements the update contains
  • Once the system has been successfully updated, disconnect the case from the computer

If you need further assistance, our Sleepbuds support team is here to help. Contact information: (800) 905-1273.


I hope that helped! Have a nice day!


Tony G - Community Support

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Re: left bud doesnt work

I have the same problem, I can’t hear in the left sleepbud, but if I am lucky and turn it up to max volume, a I can hear a little bit. I will see if I can work it out
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Re: left bud doesnt work

Had same problem. Removed and then cleaned the flexible silicone portion of the earbud with soap and hot water. Problem solved. Ear wax, gnarly but, it is a thing.
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Re: left bud doesnt work

I agree with Bbop. Both of mine where starting to get hard to hear from so I cleaned them up a bit, even just taking the little black felt thing off the bud itself and putting it back on. Made a ton of difference and it loud again. Ear wax and grease.

Re: left bud doesnt work

Hi @Fireonforesthill and @Bbop,


Thanks for posting. That's a great tip. It shows how important it is to regularly maintain and clean your Sleepbuds.


Keep posting!




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Re: left bud doesnt work

I am in Singapore and bought my Bose sleepbuds on 10 Nov 2018.  Started using it on 11 Nov - app from google store was easy to instal.  However, problem on the first night - left sleepbud does not work (not connected / located).  Put it back into the round charging box a couple of times, but still the same problem.


So continued to use just the right earbud.


On 11 Nov - tried to fire-up the machine.  Now, both were not detected by the app.  Replace it into round charger several times.  Switched off the mobile.  Uninstall and re-installed the App several times.  After about 25-30 min - still same problem.  Gave up.


What else can I do??

Very disappointed by the item.