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Nov 11, 2020

magnet dimensions and type for SleepBuds II

Does anybody know the dimensions of the magnet that goes into the Sleepbuds II?   Mine fell out and I can't find it so I'd like to buy a replacement that I can glue in place.  I'm assuming its an N42 or an N42 replacement would work.





Re: magnet dimensions and type for SleepBuds II

Hey TimmyR, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Bose Community! I'm sorry to hear that you have encountered a strange issue with your Sleepbuds II. 


This isn't something that I have seen happen with our Sleepbuds II before and shouldn't be possible. It sounds like this might be a first generation Sleepbuds rather than Sleepbuds II.


We don't recommend that users attempt to fix/repair their Sleepbuds for many reasons, please do reach out to us via the Contact us page on your regional Bose website to explore service options for your Sleepbuds. 


If you have any issues reaching the team please do let us know. 

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