"Find my sleepbuds"

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"Find my sleepbuds"

Hi, I just got a pair of SleepBuds and have been using them for 5 days and I think they are absolutely incredible. Dr. Bose strikes again. I hear zero snoring for the first time in years. It's heaven.
My ears have to get used to having something in them all night but that's my only issue and I think that will pass.
One question. I thought I saw somewhere there was a "find my sleepbuds" feature in case you misplace them. I can't find it now. Did I imagine that?

Thank you, Jessassi


Re: "Find my sleepbuds"

Hi Jessassi,

Thanks for posting. That feature is currently being considered along with other features that you can see here.


Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds - North America Pre-order and Launch Information




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Re: "Find my sleepbuds"

That's with Bose Soundsport Free.