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I have trouble using my sleepbuds. different troubles. from not being able to download from the library to not finding the right bud. I bought the sleepbuds around 3 months ago from Doha. Bose has no store or branch in Iran. How can I change my product for a new one? because I've tried all the suggestions and solutions mentioned here, but no result. If I happen to go to Doha again, would they change it for me? what is needed? the receipt? could you please give me a hint?  


Re: replacement

Hi there @sahand and thanks for reaching out!

I'm sorry to hear of the issues you've had with your Sleepbuds, and that the troubleshooting on our Community and our website have not resolved your issues.

As the stores within Doha are managed by a 3rd party, I would recommend that you see this page regarding contact information in Doha.


If you contact this team directly, they should be able to advise what proof/information they need to manage an exchange or service to your product for you.

Please follow up there when you can!


Liam W - Community Support