Arc issues since update....

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Arc issues since update....

I’ve been having HDMI arc issues ever since the firmware update. I use the TV remote with my brand new Sony Bravia and advanced CEC which turns on the 700 sound bar. It was working flawlessly before the update. Now about a third of the time the sound bar does not go out of standby and there is no sound. Simply turning the tv off and on again fixes the problem but there has to be something in the firmware update that has changed. I’ve tried every setting on the Bose app. Switching to alternate CEC, turning off and on the optical wake action, but the issue still exists. Any suggestions? 


Re: Arc issues since update....

Hi Itsjustmeee, 


Thank you for your post and i'm sorry to hear your having this issue.


That is quite strange as the latest firmware should not really impact the HDMI ARC connection. You have mentioned that when you turn off the TV that it temporarily fixes the issue. Have you disconnect both the TV and the Soundbar 700 from power for about one minute and reconnect to see if this may resolve the issue?


Many thanks


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Re: Arc issues since update....

Thanks Leon. I’ll try that and report back if the issue still exists. 

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Re: Arc issues since update....

Very disappointed, I was pleased with the sound of bose, but judging by the form a year has passed and there is no solution you just put on your clients.

Your recommendations are just nonsense.

And now everyone knows about the most interesting thing that SPDIF will not give you sound in 4k, since only via HDMI you can get a full 4k sound.

I wanted to get myself a soundbar and a basmodule, but I'm very upset about the poet I will buy myself a SONOS and will be happy and not fighting with the soundbar.

Good luck to your engineers, you need to overclock your team for this and close the company
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Re: Arc issues since update....

Same thing here. Soundbar never connects to my tv via the hdmi arc cable. The few times that it did connect it sounds amazing, but for $850 i think im returning it. Day 2 and i only got it to connect to my new Samsung tv twice. I should have just passed on buying this bose 700 after i read that it has connection problems.
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Re: Arc issues since update....

I met the same issue with my soundbar 700 that there is no sound if I turn it on by the TV remote. Need to turn the TV off and on again to get the sound out or using the soundbar remote instead.

Not sure if this issue was introduced by the firmware update since the soundbar did the upgrade when I first time to use it.

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Re: Arc issues since update....

Basically I have the same problem with my 700 and Philips TV 65PUS6703-12 (+ SAT Receiver TECHNISAT). 


Bevor I start up SAT and TV,  I disconnect the power from those 2 devices (but not from Bose 700 unit).

After 30 seconds or so I power on the SAT which powers on the TV and messages are  shown on TV:


Remote Controller attached

ARC activated


and all 3 units are working fine.


Switching TV or SAT off for some reason and repower TV or SAT gives me most times the problem for no sound from Bose 700.

In this case again I start again with power off both units. 


I do not attach my Apple TV 4K at start up. This gives usually problems with no sound (message "ARC activated" is not shown on the TV)

Therefore I start Apple TV afterwards and select the correct HDMI input manually with my Philips TV controller. Switching back to SAT Receiver with the TV controller works fine. 





Re: Arc issues since update....

Hi all,


Thanks for your posts. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing these issues when connecting the Soundbar 700 by HDMI. These ARC/HDMI-CEC issues can be fairly specific to each TV setup, so, If you've already tried using both the HDMI-CEC On and Alternate On in the Bose Music app and well as re-initiating the HDMI handshake, I would suggest reaching our support team by telephone. This way, we can troubleshoot the issue methodically.


To re-initiate the HDMI handshake:

• Unplug the Soundbar and TV from power and unplug the HDMI cable from both ends.

• Leave them unplugged for over a minute.

• Plug the two devices back into power and let them boot up.

• When both devices are fully booted, plug the HDMI cable in. I have found most success plugging the HDMI cable into the Soundbar first, then into the TV.


Best regards,


Patrick A - Community Support

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Re: Arc issues since update....

Since I started this thread, I thought I’d post an update. All I did was unplug the 700 for about a minute and it’s been working fine ... no problems at all.