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Oct 1, 2018

BOSE SA-5 and new line of Smart Speakers

Hello Bose team,

Basically, what is the future of SoundTouch SA-5 with the new product line?, That is, obviously in short time all SoundTouch products will be discontinued to bring the new line of speakers, but what about the SA-5 (timeline). I evaluate buy the new smart speakers but I also need speakers for outdoor areas (151 or 251) and AC5 for my living room, I need an amplifier compatible with the new line.





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Mar 15, 2018

Re: BOSE SA-5 and new line of Smart Speakers

Hi raeroman


Thanks for posting in the Community!


There are no plans in integrating the SA-5 to the new Smart Home Speaker lineup as it is apart of the SoundTouch family.  Since both the SA-5 and Smart Home Speakers will receive an Airplay 2 update in 2019, that would be the best way to integrate the systems.


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