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Dec 29, 2019

Bose 700 Remote Issues

Hi, I actually have called Bose twice on this, but I am hoping that someone on the forums has a sneaky trick!


I have a Q70 TV, AppleTV 4K, and Bose 700 w/Sub (Bose IR blaster too)


After I used this system for about 2 months, I had the "dancing lights" issue. The input buttons dance and the remote is dead. Called Bose, got the reset and repair trick, no issues. About 3-4 weeks later it happened again. Bose sent me a new remote. Worked great for about 2 months and the same issue. Dancing lights and it won't repair.


Called Bose for the 3rd, they want me to send my soundbar in. **bleep**? I get they are trying to do the right thing, but what an F*ing hassle.


I am limping by now with "Hey Siri, turn on the AppleTV" and then using the Apple iOS remote to control everything. It works, but I'd really like to have the convenience of a physical remote too.


Anyone have some stealth tricks to try and to get this all working? My soundbar works perfectly and my gut just tells me there's some trick or bad settings or something I am overlooking and I don't have a faulty soundbar. I really don't want to unwire my soundbar and mail it in.


Last trick Bose had me to do was a pairing with the WiFi off and no luck.