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Oct 23, 2018

Bose 700 Remote - Sensitivity

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to know if anyone else is having issues with the sensitivity of the Bose 700 remote.
It seems like when i press a button on the remote it double cliscks it. I have also made sure a few time to only press it once, but it registers it twice. 
I am not sure if this is just my remote or a production line issue. 

Any feedback would be great. 
(I am start to feel like Bose pushed out a product without fully completing the QC process. To many little isuues with the remote with no fix in sight)

Thank you everyone. 

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Re: Bose 700 Remote - Sensitivity

Hi Mr. Islander


Thanks for posting in the Community!  Sorry to hear about the remote troubles, but would be happy to help!


Were you able to pair a cable box to the remote and does the issue happen when controlling a third party device?

Have you tried power cycling the soundbar and removing the batteries from the remote?


Let us know so we can further assist!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support 

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Nov 1, 2018

Re: Bose 700 Remote - Sensitivity

Unfortuntatly, I dont have an answer, but wanted to comment in case it helps resolve the issue. 


I have the same issue. For instance, when I am watching a show through DVR, and I fast forward, I normally press the fast forward button three times.  One of those times, it will double click, and it will fast forward as if I pressed it four times.  Another instance is when I press the play/pause button to stop the fast forward, there are times it will play and other times it will pause. I assume when it pauses, it is double clicking, or it could be visa versa, either way it is inconsistant.