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Aug 10, 2019

Bose 700 soundbar and Samsung 55" UN55MU8000


My problem is: SOMETHING changed (firmware update?)...

About a month (or more?) ago, my TV began re-defaulting to its internal speaker every time it's powered off. Prior to this, I could turn the tv on/off, and it always powered on the soundbar/sub, and defaulted to "receiver (HDMI)" for sound output. Now every time I want to watch tv, and have audio run through the soundbar, I have to take a few minutes....manually turn on the bose (usually via bose app on my iphone), and go into the TV's audio settings, turn tv volume to zero (otherwise audio comes out both.... ehco...echo...) and re-select the "receiver (HDMI)" option. What a drag.


Not sure how it is that what WAS working is now no longer. And, yes, I admit to being technically challenged.



(a) I do not use the Bose smart remote; I prefer my Samsung remote, and am not intereseted in using the Bose.

(b) In the Bose iphone app setting under Power sync, I have it all disabled. I'd tried playing with this, but to no avail.

(c) Advanced CEC is set to Alternate

(d) Bose Standby timer is set to 20mins.

(e) Note, setting the Bose standby timer to "never,"... doesn't help. Just powering off the Samsung TV, and then back on, reverts its audio to its own internal speaker.  😞


Appreciate any help you all can offer.