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May 1, 2020

Bose Home Speaker 500 - Blank Screen

I have a Bose Home Speaker 500, and the screen does not work. I have tried the factory reset but it didn't fix anything.


Are there other options I should try? 



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Re: Bose Home Speaker 500 - Blank Screen

Hey AdamUnderwood, thanks for your post.


Sorry to hear about the screen on your Home Speaker 500. To confirm, does the system currently power-up at all? Can you play audio to the speaker via Bluetooth, the Bose Music app, or even using a cabled auxiliary connection? If you tap the microphone button on the top of the system, does the mic alternate between solid red/off? Have you tested using the speaker in alternative power outlets around the home?


If the speaker does successfully power on, have you tried manually updating the firmware for the speaker? While this is something that is rare, it's worthwhile ensuring that this is not a software issue. To do this, follow the guide HERE.


Should issues persist, it sounds like there's a hardware fault with your speaker. In this instance, please reach out to Bose support directly to explore available service options for your speaker. Click HERE, select your country and click "Contact us" which is located at the bottom of the page. 

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