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Sep 2, 2014

Bose Music App/Soundbar 700 Firmware 2.0.10 Release October 4th

On Thursday October 4th, we will deploy an update for the Bose Music app, as well as Soundbar 700 systems.  This round of updates includes a number of feature enhancements, bug fixes and stability improvements, and the activation of third party control support in the Soundbar 700.


Release Timeline:


October 4


Bose Music App updates in both Apple App store and Google Play store


All Internet connected Soundbar 700 systems






App: 1.1.3

Available: Oct 4




App: 1.1.1

Available: Oct 4


Soundbar 500:


Firmware: 2.0.7

Available: Sept 19


Soundbar 700:


Firmware: 2.0.10

Available: Oct 4


Home Spkr. 500:


Firmware: 2.0.6

Available: Sep 19



Soundbar 700 Bug Fixes:


Remote control integration


  • Addresses a bug that kept us from allowing users to set up the Soundbar Universal Remote to control third-party devices.


General stability enhancements


Bose Music App Bug Fixes:


App crash during setup


  • Fixes a bug that could cause the app to crash at different times during setup on iOS and Android devices


App crash when accessing settings


  • Fixes a bug that causes the iOS app to crash when accessing settings for Soundbar 500/700 systems


Bose Music App Features:


Added ability to configure sources and TVs for the universal remote


  • We’ve enabled the ability to set up the Soundbar Universal Remote to control third-party devices like TVs, media players, etc.


  • For more details please see the associated post on our community HERE.


Improved setup experience for Soundbar accessories


  • We improved the setup flow for adding accessories to the Soundbar 500/700 systems


Added an advanced setup link for remote control source buttons


  • Users can now jump directly to entering in a model number of the device being configured


 Added additional settings for Soundbar 500/700 systems


  • Users can now view, add, and remove accessory speakers


  • We’ve added the ability to sync power commands. Users can now use the app select a third-party device and television that will power on when the Soundbar is powered on.