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Bose Music App Update (1.3.3) - Available January 10th

On Thursday, January 10th, the Bose Music app will be updated to address a number of bugs.  Please see below for version numbers and details:


Release Timeline:


January 10th


Bose Music app updates in both Apple App store and Google Play store






App: 1.3.3

Available: Jan 10




App: 1.3.3

Available: Jan 10


Soundbar 500:


Firmware: 2.1.10

Available: Dec 12


Soundbar 700:


Firmware: 2.1.10

Available: Dec 12


Home Spkr. 500:


Firmware: 2.1.9

Available: Dec 12



Bug Fixes:


Account Creation on iOS


  • Resolved an issue preventing users from being unable to create an account


Lost communications with speaker


  • Addressed a bug on iOS that caused communications with a speaker to stop working randomly


Logging out on Android


  • Fixed an issue that would cause some users to be logged out immediately after logging in to their account on Android devices


Bluetooth and AUX not available


  • Improved an issue that could cause Bluetooth and AUX sources to not show as available on Android devices