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Sep 2, 2014

Bose Music App and Speaker Firmware Update Available November 14th



On Wednesday, November 14th, we will deploy updates for the Bose Music app, as well as all existing Bose smart speakers.  These updates include a number of feature enhancements, bug fixes, and stability improvements.  A key feature addition is Spotify content access for Alexa users.


Release Timeline:


November 14


Bose Music app updates in both Apple App store and Google Play store


All internet-connected Home Speaker 500, Soundbar 500 and Soundbar 700 systems





App: 1.2.2

Available: Nov 14



App: 1.2.2

Available: Nov 14


Soundbar 500:

 Firmware: 2.1.7

Available: Nov 14


Soundbar 700:

Firmware: 2.1.7
Available: Nov 14


Home Speaker 500: 

Firmware: 2.1.7

Available: Nov 14


Speaker Features:


Spotify for Alexa


  • Customers using Alexa will now have access to streaming Spotify content in supported countries
  • As with Spotify via the Bose Music app, customers will need Spotify Premium accounts to access this feature.


Alexa voice functionality in more regions and languages


  • Alexa voice functionality will now be available in the following countries and languages for Bose smart speakers 
    • Italy – Italian
    • Spain – Spanish
    • Mexico – Spanish


Alexa announcements support for Bose smart speakers


  • Announcements via Alexa will now be supported on Bose smart speakers where Alexa is available


  • Users can ask Alexa to make announcements on all compatible Alexa enabled devices on their account, like a one-way intercom using commands such as
    • "Announce [Your message]."
    • "Broadcast [Your message]."
    • "Tell everyone [Your message]."


Auto wake to optical source – Soundbar 500/700


  • Added ability for Soundbar customers to automatically power on their Soundbar when audio is detected through the optical cable


App Features:


New Home Tab


  • Due to low customer engagement with ‘Popular on Bose’ and ‘Greatest Hits’, we have decided to remove these features from the Bose Music app.
  • Recently Played is now visible in the “Home” section of the source list along with the speaker presets


Alexa stream stealing


  • If a customer is streaming content from Amazon Music and the audio stops because someone else using the same account starts streaming to another device, the Bose Music app will now present a screen that allows the customer to re-establish the stream on their Bose smart speaker


Added Soundbar Accessory Controls – Android


  • Android users can now temporarily disable or enable their connected accessory surround speakers or bass modules


Added power-on sync for Soundbars – Android


  • Android users can now sync a 3rd party device to power on when their Soundbar 500 or 700 system is powered on


Bug Fixes:


Correct image for Bass Module 500


  • We fixed an issue causing the Bose Music app to show an image of a Bass Module 700 instead of a Bass Module 500 when paired to a Soundbar 500 or 700


Connection to speaker error message


  • We previously presented a message indicating that the connection to the speaker had been lost after the Bose Music app had been idle on the mobile device for a period of time.
  • We have adjusted the timing for this message to keep customers from being concerned as we re-establish connection to their speakers. The message will now only appear if we are not able to re-establish a connection after 30 seconds


Remote pairing improvements for Soundbars


  • We have made further improvements to the remote setup flow to make the process clearer and easier for customers


Updated translations


  • We fixed some translated text in some app screens