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Dec 31, 2018

Bose Music app Dialogue Mode keeps turning off on Soundbar 700

I've had nothing but problems with the Bose Music app (Android). From continuously signing out (fixed for now), to problems with dialogue mode turning itself off.


Every single time I turn on my TV, I turn on Dialogue Mode. It's vital for quiet listening at night. The very next time I turn on the TV, Dialogue mode of off again, and I have to turn it back on. Over and over and over.

This is super annoying. Is this a bug? I don't see anything in the manual to enable persistent Dialogue mode.


Re: Bose Music app Dialogue Mode keeps turning off on Soundbar 700

Hi Syxbit, 


Thanks for posting. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Soundbar 700. There currently isn't a way to always enable dialog mode however I would love to pass this suggestion to our development team. If you are looking for something in the meantime you can increase the Center Channel Level and lower the bass and it will have a similar effect as dialog mode.


Hope this helps.


Kind Regards, 

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