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Apr 5, 2019

Bose Speaker 500 group playing with sound bar 700, surround speakers, bass module



Can someone please clarify. All speaker 500, soundbar 700 along with the rear speakers and sub are designed to play same music simultaneously from any source?  Additially, can I use the Speaker 500 as part the Home Theater sound system when watching movies? 


Thank you. 




Re: Bose Speaker 500 group playing with sound bar 700, surround speakers, bass module



Thank you very much for your question, I would love to clear this up for you.


The Home Speaker 500, the Soundbar 700, the Soundbar 500, Bass modules and surrounding speakers use the Bose Music App. Within this app you can group your compatible speakers so that they play within unison. However saying this, if you are grouping a Soundbar 700 with a Home Speaker 500 for home cinema purposes, this may cause lag due to the processing between the products and would not be recommended, however if this is just for audio it would be fine just not when synchronising with video. 


I hope this helps!


Tegan M - Community Support 


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Dec 23, 2017

Re: Bose Speaker 500 group playing with sound bar 700, surround speakers, bass module


My setup includes 2x Home Speaker 500s and a Soundbar 500 with the surround sound speakers.

I can confirm that when playing music through the Bose Music app or asking Alexa to play music (my experiences are with Amazon Music and Pandora) it all plays flawlessly throughout my apartment.

Though when the audio source is my TV, which is connected to my Soundbar 500 I can not sync the Soundbar with my 2x Home Speakers. I think this is a product of the current state of Bluetooth/wifi, not necessarily a fault to Bose. So if you were looking to use Home Speakers as auxiliary speakers for your cinema set up I don't believe you'd be able to achieve the results you want. Though the Soundbar and satellite speakers sound great!