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Apr 15, 2020

Bose home 300

Hi have recently purchased the Bose Home 300 speaker. 

when setting the speaker up through the Bose Music App, it’s fails to pick up my iPhone. So I’m unable to proceed with setting it up. I have exhausted all the troubleshoot options. Strangely, i can connect to the Bose speaker though Bluetooth on settings just not through the app?! This should rule out an issue with my phone. 

also when asking Alexa to play a song through Spotify, it can take upto 10 mins before playing. Or not at all, the light just flashes. 

Any help greatly appreciated. As I’m excited to use my new speaker, and I’m a little disappointed so far! 

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Apr 4, 2020

Re: Bose home 300

When you say it fails to pick-up your iphone when exactly is that happening. If i remember correctly when you setup the speaker, you download the app on your phone and then it looks for bose home product in the vicinity. since you were able to connect via bluetooth were you able to get past this initial setup at all?