Re: Bose soundbar 5.1 problem

Hi Timic998,


I'm glad to hear that everything is connected!


There should be no reason why you are not getting Audio from the test. However, if you are experiencing no issues with your listening to the system then I wouldn't worry. 


I hope this helps! 


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Sep 22, 2018

Re: Bose soundbar 5.1 problem

Today make "test patterns" on netflix ... same thing no sound when is lfe test

Re: Bose soundbar 5.1 problem

Hi Timic998


Thank you for keeping us updated. Can you confirm for us what colour the LED is on the back of the bass module please? If it is solid white it should be connected and working.


Do you hear sound from the bass module during normal use? Is it just while doing these tests that you aren't hearing the bass module?