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Sep 6, 2017

Bose soundbar 700 does not send code

The Soundbar 700 is attached under a closet.
The TV hangs on the wall +- two meters higher.

When setting up the on the smart remote, it does not commnucate with the tv, or any other devices that are in the closet cabinets.

Do you have the work with IR transmitters then ....

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Re: Bose soundbar 700 does not send code

Hi Technimusiclover,


Welcome to the Community! I'm sorry to hear that you're currently experiencing issues with your Soundbar 700 but would love to help.


The Soundbar 700 emits signals to connected devices via IR blasters which are located on the sides of the speaker. Naturally, environmental items such as cabinets, doors, cases and walls may restrict and block these signals from being sent and received successfully. Is it possible to relocate any of the accessory components to test the remote setup process again?


We do supply additional external IR emitters that may help with the issues you're currently experiencing. The part number for this component is 324714-1010, and should you wish to order them please contact local support to your region. Click HERE, then select your location and use the "Contact Us" feature at the bottom of the page.


Kind regards,

Andy B - Community Support