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Dec 5, 2016

Collecting Smart Home speaker logs

Here are steps to collect log information using a web browser.


  1. Put your system in setup mode. To enter setup mode, see below:
    Home Speaker 300/450/500:
      On the top of the speaker, simultaneously touch and hold the AUX and Play/Pause buttons for
      5 seconds until the light bar on the front of the system flashes white twice, then glows amber.
    Soundbar 500/700:
      On the remote control, simultaneously press and hold the TV icon and Skip Back buttons for
      five seconds. When the light bar on the soundbar glows amber, the soundbar is broadcasting
      its own Wi-Fi network for setup.
      If the system is connected via ethernet, please remove the ethernet cable as this disables the
      Wi-Fi connection to enter setup mode.
    Portable Home Speaker:
      Press and hold the Volume Down and Play/Pause buttons for five seconds. The top and
      bottom of the light ring glows amber when the speaker is in the Wi-Fi setup mode
  2. On a computer or mobile device, open Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Bose product's Wi-Fi Network. (This is usually the product's name, e.g., "Bose Home Speaker 500 network" or ""Bose Home Speaker 700 network").
  3. Open the device's internet browser and go to the following URLs to download log files:
  4. Once logs have been downloaded, turn the system off to exit setup mode.