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Feb 25, 2019

Connected Soundabr 700 and Bass and Rear Speakers But TV Drops Internet

Basically I have added the product easy enough to the Bose app and it all works fine. 

I have got hte Samsung Q9F Flagship tv and was goimg to purchase the samsung N950 theatre system but Currys Bose rep said that there is no comaparison to Bose.

So bought the Soundbar 700, 700 Base Module and Rear Surroun Speakers.

Problem is when I connect the TV to the speakers wirelessly the internet drops out on the Tv within 2-3 seconds and any video stream I am wacthing on say Amazon bombs out.  

As soon as I cancel the connection to the speakers form the Tv the internet is fine again on the TV and I can again watch movies.

Any ideas would be great;y appreciated.  Signal strength is RSSI -55 which is apparently excellent. 

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Feb 26, 2019

Re: Connected Soundabr 700 and Bass and Rear Speakers But TV Drops Internet

Hi Chris!


Thank you for reaching out to us, I do apologise your having this issue.


Something I would like you to try,

Can you connect the Soundbar 700 to the TV using a HDMI cable or Optical and tell me whether you are still having that issue?


Do you have the Soundbar connected to the TV using Bluetooth? If so we wouldn't recommend this method, as there is a delay with the audio which means you will see people speaking before the audio comes from their mouth. This can be inconvenient and frustrating. So we would suggest connecting via a HDMI cable or an Optical cable.


Let me know how that goes.


Kind Regards,