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May 4, 2020

Connecting Portable Home Smart Speaker to Google Home

Has anyone figured a way to connect the Portable Home Smart Speaker to Google Home directly? I want to be able to add the speakers to a Speaker Group which it appears I am unable to do so. I do not want to connect it using Bluetooth to another Hub Speaker, as that ruins the portable nature of the Bose speaker. 


Frankly, this should be a core feature of a 'smart' speaker. I can only assume Bose have done this to push their proprietary group function, to force you to buy more Bose Speakers: stinks of greed. Only moreso, due to the fact the advertising omits this important feature by deceptive omission / talking around the limited connectivity.


I will have to return the speakers unless a functional workaround is found. Until this is resolved, I recommend nobody buys the speakers if they plan on using them in tandem with a Smart Home.