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Oct 1, 2018

Feature request: Volume Level Number

Is it possible to display the volume level with a number on the TV screen when changing the volume up or down? Currently it just shows HDMI receiver on my tv screen when changing the volume on the Bose Soundbar 700, but there's no visual indication of what number the volume is set at. There is a volume level slider on the Bose Music App but not on the TV screen output. Could this be considered in a future software update? 

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Oct 14, 2018

Re: Feature request: Volume Level Number

There are two ways to connect the Soundbar 700:-


1. Optical - There is no mechanism for the Soundbar to inform the TV of the volume level via optical

2. HDMI Arc - The soundbar can communicate the volume level to the TV via HDMI-CEC


My 2011 Samsung TV (D7000) supports HDMI-CEC (in Samsung speak this is known as Anynet+), and this shows the soundbar volume (0 - 100) when connected via HDMI Arc.   Although it works, the Samsung implementation is very poor on this TV as the huge volume icon flashes on and off every time the volume is changed a single step.


If you are connected via HDMI Arc, check you have HDMI-CEC fully enabled on your TV, and if your TV still does not show the volume, it would be best to speak to your TV manufacturer.


I was going to say that it was not possible for Bose to overlay something on the screen via HDMI, but it appears the HDMI-CEC spec does include the ability to send text to the screen via an OSD (On Screen Display) message.   It is limited to 13 characters though.   There is probably an issue with TV compatibility, I expect many TVs do not have this implemented, which might be why I have not seen this used by any devices.   So it may be possible, but if used, you would want to have the ability to toggle it on or off, in case there are issues with certain TVs.

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Feature request: Volume Level Number

Hi tifa3,


Thanks for the post!  


I'll send the recommendation up to the development team to see if it can be added to the SB700.



Brandon - Community Support