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Feb 14, 2019

Few Bose Soundbar 500 issues to consider...

Hey guys,

Here are few of my finds from my new Bose Soundbar 500 and the Music app that comes as main way to use it...

First comes with the initial setup of the bar - for some reason i had an issue of not having the bar to start in "avaiting setup" mode, so i had to find a way to turn this on somehow...and i had to search internet to come to Bose support site and find this remote combo to do it - it would be really nice if you add this few lines of text in the inlet brouchure that comes with the bar so its more prominent to the users if they come to this issue ( or add some explanation in the mobile app doesnt matter where - but dont let us wondering and searching ).

The next "setting up" issue i find is with Alexa integration - i know it might be some legal mubojumbos that were your main concern...but... I am currently not living in a country with Amazon Alexa support...but Amazon already have let me create my Alexa account and to use their devices no matter of my location and i have flawlessly activated all my 3 echo devices...but your soundbar did not let me "because of your location"...which is kinda bull**bleep** and i had to full it so i can activate my Alexa on Bose soundbar 500. You should concider letting users to activate your device if they already have a legit Alexa account...

Third issue is a strange behavior of the bar with my computer. I have enabled the bluetooth connection to soundbar from my PC, and now every time my PC restarts oor comes from sleep it automatically connects to the soundbar and i have to disconnect it manually...thats probably normal and theres nothing wrong with the soundbar...but here comes the UX issue...once PC is disconnected the soundbar will never automatically return to TV audio and i have to do this manually from the remote to select TV as source. Same issue applies for whutever source you are listening Alexa or Spotify...after you stop it it does not "fall back" to default of listening TV. It would be really nice if you concider an option to have ( if not automatically ) some checkbox in setup that enables auto fallback to TV.

And theres the last issue i found so far ( its closesly related to the previous ) - Your Music App even if not so great is still kinda OK to manage the soundbar and connected services...but...ITS LACKING THE VERY FUNDAMENTAL OPTION YOU USE THE BAR FOR!!! an option to switch it to TV...please please...add a TV button as option for sources...

I don't know if anyone else will agree with me on these things been an issues but imo those addons/fixes will improve the UX with your product.


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Re: Few Bose Soundbar 500 issues to consider...

Hi Hristo Ginev,


Thanks for joining the Community and taking the time to review the system!


I would recommend keeping an eye on this post HERE regarding new additions to countries and languages with the new Smart Home line of speakers.  


In regards to the input selection, the soundbar will default to the last music source, so in this case, it sounds like it's defaulting back to Bluetooth.  We do have a feature request in for input selection in the Bose Music app.  If we hear anything new, we'll be sure to update the Community!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support