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Oct 15, 2015

Google Assistant News Playback

When I tell my Home Speaker 500 "Good Morning" it only gives me the weather and commute info, but then when it's time for the news services I have set to play it says "Sorry news playback isn't supported on this device yet." It also does the same when I just ask "Tell me the news." Is this a functionality that could be added in an update at some point? I understand that this thing has to work differently then a native Google Home device because of the integration needed with the Bose Music app, but adding news playback if possible would be really nice. I enjoy the sound quality on this product a lot more then my previous Google Home, but I miss my morning news!

Re: Google Assistant News Playback

Hi BlackHillsTom,


Thank you for reaching out, welcome to the community!


At the moment we have no information regarding any new features that will be added to the Google assistant. 


I have marked your post as a feature request so that the relevant team can view this.


Thank you for your feedback!


Have a great day!




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