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Sep 15, 2019

Google Chrome Cast Integration

I bought a Bose 500 Smart Speaker because I was told (and found on this board) that Google Chromecast Audio integration was only a software update away! 12 months later and the only update has been Bluetooth pairing for another speaker. This hardly fills the smart home with smart sound, now does it? 
BOSE, you promised Google Chromecast Audio over five years ago, but said the technology and hardware needed to be upgraded to work. Well I purchased the Smart Speaker 500 from a BOSE Dealer at a cash premium and find it is now heavily discounted (30% off) at my local electrical appliance retailer.


I have a Google dongle plugged into the AUX input as a temporary workaround...Answers please?

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Apr 4, 2020

Re: Google Chrome Cast Integration

Does it actually work to have the chromecast dongle plugged into Aux input? i mean id actually do this if it worked but my impression was it wouldnt work correctly or make sound quality poor. if they improved the bose music app it wouldnt be that big of a deal but i feel that the app itself is not great for some services (deezer and pandora for example are pretty minimal. iheart radio doesnt allow podcasts through bose music even though they advertise #1 for podcast. amazon music probably has the best integration and spotify is decent but can always do spotify connect if needed).