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Jan 1, 2019

HS500 - Alexa Not Working - UAE / United Arab Emirates


I bought the Home Speaker 500 in the UK and have Amazon Unlimited Music and all of these are registered to my UK accounts, etc. - I setup my new speaker and Alexa worked perfectly.

Now that I'm in the UAE / United Arab Emirates the Alexa feature is no longer working... 😕

Does anyone have any experience with this or perhaps know how I can figure out if it is possible to get Alexa working please?

The Bose music app Voice Assistant section says:

"We're having trouble accessing voice assistants at this time. It's possible that this feature isn't available in your area. Please check back later."

I've been told that Alexa works fine in the UAE without the need of VPNs etc. And Alexa on my UAE mobile phone works fine too. It is just the Bose HS500 Alexa that doesn't seem to be working.

I've also got this feedback, which I tried to follow as a work around, but that wasn't possible as I couldn't figure out how to check / change countries...

"Alexa is currently unavailable in Dubai (UAE), and we do not have information regarding when it will be as this depends on Amazon. The Home Speaker 500 can only be used with Alexa in countries where Alexa is available. While we cannot guarantee this will work, you can attempt to change your location in the Alexa app, and create a new Bose Music account located in a country where Alexa is available to try tricking Alexa."

Any help would be massively appreciated! Even if just thoughts and potential solutions.

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Mar 15, 2018

Re: HS500 - Alexa Not Working - UAE / United Arab Emirates

Hi Twyn,


Thanks for writing in!


Correct, the Smart Home speakers are not compatible with Alexa in the UAE.  When we do add more countries/languages, we'll be sure to notify the Community.  As you mentioned, one work around that a lot of users are doing is to setup a VPN on the router which would allow Alexa to be enabled if you select a compatible region like the UK.  


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support