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Feb 20, 2019

Home Speaker 500 no sound ??

Hello, I purchased the speaker from Best Buy on boxing day and it has been great up til last night. I had it connected to my tv via bluetooth and and my media player on pause for about 1/2 hr, when I hit play again nothing was coming out of the speaker except a bit of static. Thinking it was interference from my router ( which was about 4ft away) unplugged the speaker for 5-10 mins, then plugged it back in, with no sound at all??. I tried different sources ( my phone, my wifes phone, and even pluging in my phone through the headphone jack at the back) still no sound. I factory reset it twice got it set up no problem, I can say Alexa and it will respond but without sound nothing I have tried works ???. Its very frustrating spending almost 500.00 for a speaker and it does not work !, it almost seams like the speaker is on mute, but have no idea how to unmute it ( mic mute does not work, as I tried it) Sorry for the long first post, but I figured the more info I provided the more someone would have a possible solution before I have to try and return it for a exchange. Thank you for your time !. 

P.S I am in Canada, if that makes a difference lol

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Re: Home Speaker 500 no sound ??

Hi rolloffman,


Thanks for joining the Community!  Sorry to hear about the troubles, but would be happy to help!


Based on the great troubleshooting, it does sound like an issue with  the speaker.  We can certainly gather logs and escalate this to see if we can identify the issue.  I'm going to reach out to you via PM to gather a little more information.


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support