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May 22, 2019

Re: Rear speakers problem


I can confirm everything is back to the way it should be and is working beautifully with the new firmware version 4.9 not a single crackle from the right channels I have tested it with gaming, movie and Netflix at Max volume settings in the adjust area on the App absolutely perfect, quick question will having max settings turned on all the time will that ruin my speakers if there all at 100%?

Re: Rear speakers problem

Hello Coolmike94. 


Thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback with the Community.


I am so very happy to hear that everything is working correctly again. In regards to your question, having the speakers at 100% should not damage them providing they are set up correctly with no external factors at play. 


I hope this helps! 


Kind Regards, 

Vicky W

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Jan 24, 2019

Re: Rear speakers problem

I can confirm my Soundbar picked up the latest update overnight 05/06/19 early hours. All my test sources are functioning perfectly. (out of curiosity even with maximum bass settings) I am grateful to have it back working!


For those interested its possible to block further updates by blocking the bose update server on your home router. I haven't got around to trying to wireshark the address unless someone already knows it? or bose want to publish it?


It would be nice to have release notes on the following page so people could choose if they wanted the update or not: (or relative model page) maybe a toggle in the app to turn off auto updates and have a confirmation step to say "these are the release note press yes to download update" I know the updates is big so i'd expect precashing the update on the device would be reasonable. Its then ready to go when you press update. (if you decide to take it!)


Some routers will also let you ban the device from seeing the internet completly but this would affect spotify.


thanks for the help.

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May 23, 2019

Re: Rear speakers problem

This became one of the longest topics of the BOSE forum and, fortunately, has a happy ending, so, maybe, the admins will put the green banner as solved.

However, the topic regarding future changes of BOSE update procedures and possible options to the automatic (forced) updates should remain or become a distinct one.