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May 16, 2018

Looking To Replace Play-Fi Speakers With Bose: Recommendations?



So here's my current setup that I'm looking to gut and redo entirely with Bose speakers: Throughout my home I have various Play-Fi driven speakers from Definitive Technology. Due to a series of very poor customer service interactions, I'm gutting it all and replacing with Bose, mainly because their Play-Fi support is spotty at best, and they've also obsoleted the speakers I'm using. In most of my rooms, I have a pair of their W7's set up as stereo pairs via their Play-Fi app, and I can then group those together as Speaker Groups, also via the Play-Fi app. If anything goes wrong, e.g. a power loss, internet loss, etc, I usually have to set them all up again, and really the only thing Play-Fi has going for it is the ability to stream Hi-Fi audio, but it's just not worth the hassle anymore.


I'd like to do something similar with Bose speakers, but I don't know which line of speakers would be best for this. I'm thinking AirPlay2 (since I use entirely Apple devices, e.g. iPhone, iPads, Apple TV's, etc) might be the best route, but being able to group the speakers in stereo pairs is very important to me so I can get a nice wide soundstage, and AirPlay2 would also support whole home audio (and it actually syncs the audio correctly, unlike Play-Fi which usually has a small delay in each group).

  • SoundTouch doesn't appear to support AirPlay2, but if I'm wrong I'm open to this line.
  • Smart Speakers support AirPlay2, but can they be grouped in stereo pairs? I know the 500 supports stereo, but I wouldn't get my wide soundstage I want. Can you group 2 300's in a stereo pair?
  • Bose Portable speakers? I already have a Revolve+ and I know they can be grouped in pairs, but then I'm tied to using the Bose Connect app, which I'm not a huge fan of (I would much rather be able to control from a 'single' pane of glass, e.g. AirPlay2. I also don't know if I can get whole home audio this way.
  • I have the QC700's and I do like the Bose Music app, but does it support setting up stereo pairs?

Hopefully I'm being clear in what I'm looking for. I'd even be open to sound bars for each room, but that starts getting very pricey. When the W7's came out, they were supposed to be the next big thing, as was Play-Fi, and they were $400/each (I have a total of 8 in my house...they are now $99 on Amazon which just shows how downhill they've gone, Play-Fi is dead). One last thing is that voice control ability is not a priority for me, I could not care less about being able to use Alexa, though I think you can also do whole home audio via the Alexa app, but I rarely use it). 


I'm coming back to Bose after a long hiatus, and so far am enjoying all of the products I've purchased, they've come a long way. The Smart Speakers seem to have most of what I am looking for, but the big question is the ability to do stereo pairs.


Re: Looking To Replace Play-Fi Speakers With Bose: Recommendations?

Hello jayson.knight,


Thank you for your message, I would love to do what I can in order to assist you with this matter. 


I will happily talk through with you what options are available to you. I was just wondering so that I can provide you with the most accurate information, what do you primarily use your music grouping for around your home? Do you just use this for audio around the house or do you use this whilst watching TV?


I look forward to hearing from you! 


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