Mugged off in store...??

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Mugged off in store...??

I go to Bose in Dubai Mall and bought a couple of Soundlinks after spending 30 mins chatting to the sales rep and testing out higher other systems. I fully explained my Bose setup currently at home and these were bought to extend the higher frequencies to my patio area in the summer.

My girlfriends been using it as a BT speaker for weeks no problem. Given the unusually nice weather thought I'd give it a whirl. After spending ages trying to set it up like a baboon scratching my head a quick Google and find out Soundlink doesn't link to Soundtouch. Soundlink is just a daisy chaining BT solution.

I am so angry right now I want to just throw them in the bin. Feel robbed.

The only saving grace is I could be missing something?... be nice if I am!... am I?

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Re: Mugged off in store...??

Hi jsgordon,


Thanks for writing in!


I'm sorry to hear about the experiences you've run into, but these two products are completely different.  The SoundTouch line of speakers operate and group together using the Wi-Fi network at home whereas our Soundlink products are strictly Bluetooth.  I would recommend bringing them back to the store and looking at the SoundTouch 10 if you wanted to expand the sound to other speakers.  


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Tony A - Community Support 

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Re: Mugged off in store...??

Thanks but it would of been nice to have that advice from the Bose rep' at the time... It was a Bose store not a franchise or preferred supplier as far as I'm aware.


It's not that quite straight forward anyway Tony, I live in London, I bought it in Dubai.


Can I go into a Bose shop in the UK with this I bought in Dubai and swap/part exchange it towards the right product?


Re: Mugged off in store...??

Hi jsgordon! 


Thank you for coming back to us and leaving feedback on your experience! I'm sorry to here that you've had a bad experience. 


If you have purchased in the last 30 days, you can take it to a Bose store in London as long as you have you receipt. 


I hope this helps!


Jessie - Community Support