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Dec 1, 2018

Parallel use of Fibre and HDMI

On my SB700 I have HDMI ARC from Samsung TV and want to connect my Technics turntable via SP-DIF via an A/D converter. It seems that the SB allows either input but not both - even if you set up different devices in the Bose app for the remote. Anyone tried this? Should be possible!
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Re: Parallel use of Fibre and HDMI

Hi jamesisbell,


Thanks for posting!


The optical port was included in the system in case the TV that was being connected did not support the ARC feature from the HDMI connection.  Because of this, ARC will be prioritized over optical since it's being detected by the TV.  May be we can try and connect the output of the turntables to an analog input on the TV to then push audio to the soundbar this way.


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