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Jun 18, 2020

Portable Home Speaker can't be casted to from Android?

I bought a new Bose Portable Home speaker and love the looks, weight, and sound quality.


I'm about to return it and just pay $100 more for the Sonos Move because of this issue: I can't cast to it from any of our Android devices, even though I can from AirFoil on my 10-year-old MacBook Pro. I can't add it to a speaker group in the Google Home app either.

Bluetooth works OK but the sound quality suffers. I have factory reset the speaker and set it up fresh in Google Home now, and it still has the same problem.

Why can the Mac see it (both via AirPlay and Chromecast) but the Android phones can't.


The thing is, I swear that right after setting it up my phone saw it once before the speaker installed a software update...


Between this finicky casting and no Tidal support, I'm about to bail.