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Apr 15, 2019

Several Smart Home Speaker?


currently, I have a Soundbar 700 and I want do add a Bass Modul and Smart Home Speakers for multi room. But there is only the Smart Home Speaker 500 available.
Are there any other Smart Home Speakers planned? A smaller one like a 300 or something would be great. The issue is that SONOS has the One device which would match my requirements much more than the bigger and more expansive 500 from BOSE. Therefor I may replace the Soundbar with the Sonos System.

Thank you for the response in advance!

Best Regards

Re: Several Smart Home Speaker?

Hello Shover92,


Thank you for your comment! 


We do not have any information at this time regarding any new Home Speaker products. I would recommend keeping a look out on our socials and here in the community for all upcoming releases. 



Kind regards,


Tegan M - Community Support 



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