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Sep 29, 2020

Software for Bose Products

I am posting this question here, as the portable home speaker is my latest purchase and to my knowledge there is no superordinate or software board, where this question would fit better.


I recently installed the Bose connect app to my phone to access the revolve+ speaker of my girlfriend. I later updated my old Wave radio with a Wave music system IV. So I had to install the SoundTouch app. And now I also purchased a portable home speaker, which runs with the Bose Music app. So now I have three apps on my phone to control three products from one company.

Heartfelt reaction: are you kidding me?

Isn’t there any possibility to integrate all the products into just one app?


Any helpful suggestions would be highly welcome.




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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Software for Bose Products

From what I can see, it won't be likely that they will be able to unite older systems under the one app.  So you're Revolve will always use the connect app and your Wave will always use the SoundTouch.


What is more likely is that any new headphones/portable systems/home systems will be using the one app