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Aug 9, 2019

Soundbar 500 bleutooth connection



I recently bought an audio transmitter to connect to my vinyl player.

This way, i wanted to connect it to my soundbar.

But when i tried connecting the two, i did not succeed.

The audiotransmitter is the following:


Anyone knows how to connect the transmitter to the soundbar?


When connecting with my phone or laptop, i did not encounter any problems...

Thanks in advance!


Re: Soundbar 500 bleutooth connection

Hi Renbreu, 


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear that your audio transmitter is not connecting from the Vinyl player to the Soundbar 500. We do not guarantee compatibility with 3rd party devices and our products. 


Based on what you have described in your post, it sounds like your Bluetooth adapter is in a receiver state so the connection is working. All the specifications on the link you provided indicate that the adapter should work with Soundbar 500. 


Does your Soundbar 500 pair correctly with other devices? If this is the case, I would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of the adapter to see if they can help. 


If there is anything else we can do, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! 




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