Soundbar 700 tv sound is tinny

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Soundbar 700 tv sound is tinny

I can’t get decent sound when I’m watching tv and using my soundbar. When using Alexa and listening to music the sound is great but I just can’t get the same quality when I’m watching tv. The sound is tinny and there’s no bass. I’ve tried to adjust the sound balance through the app but makes no difference and the telling thing is that the music and sound through Alexa is great. I have a Sony Bravia tv and have tried to connect with hdmi arc and with the optical cable. Please help before I return to the shop!!!
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Re: Soundbar 700 tv sound is tinny

Check your TV sound output options. There are a few configurations for the HDMI and Optical sound out ports that likely need some attention. I usually look for “auto” or Dolby Digital 5.1 but there are other custom settings as well. Also your source device(cable tuner, Apple TV, disc player), what are the sound output settings? 



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Re: Soundbar 700 tv sound is tinny

Hi, the audio output on Apple TV is on HDMI and format is auto. I’ve also tried Dolby digital 5.1.

Sony Bravia - I’m stumped how to set it up any differently. It seems to be on auto for most things.

It all sounds quite tinny/treble heavy and the bass is pretty weak when you compare it to listening to music through Alexa, which sounds amazing.

Re: Soundbar 700 tv sound is tinny

Hello Chollers,


Thank you for the posts and I'm sorry to hear about the audio quality issue you're running into. 


As @rickatk mentioned, I would suggest selecting Dolby Digital on your TVs audio settings to see if that helps. If that still does not help, do you have another TV in your home to test the Soundbar 700?


Let us know the results.


Hi @rickatk,


Thanks for your help on the community, it's always appreciated.



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