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Jan 31, 2019

Soundbar700 Remote Control Configuration

Dear Forum,


Yesterday I took delivery os my w soundbay 700 and was immediatley impressed withe the performance and sound quality.  However there are some issues with the remote which are bugging me and I was wondering if there is a method to address these issues?

Firstly, the backlight on the remote turns off way too quick.  It's maybe only lit up for a couple of seconds tops and I need to give is a shake to light it up again.  Is there a way I can extend the duration of the backlight?  10 seconds would be a good start.

Secondly, I have configured the remote power to turn on my Fetch TV box with the master power button.  This is fantastic as when I hit the power button, TV, Fetch and Soundbar all turn on at once.  However the Remote turns on the Fetch and TV at identical times, and the TV appears to get confused and not display the picture from the Fetch TV box.  If I cycle power to the fetch (via the device power button on the Bose remote) all comes good.  Is there any way I can add a delay between powering of the Soundbar/TV and powering of the Fetch TV box?  I'm thinking 1-2s should do it.  I note when powering off the system, the IR command goes to the Fetch box some seconds after the SB and TV are powered off.

I come from a system using a Logitech Harmony Remote so all these types of features are normal.  I would prefer to stick with the Bose Remote now as it looks way nicer and not have to revert back to the Harmony

Thanks in advance for your responses.  If these are not possible I would be grateful if they could be considered in Future firmware updates.  I am sure these are minor tweaks which could be easily made.

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Re: Soundbar700 Remote Control Configuration

Hi evil_josh,


Thanks for posting on the Community and I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the system!


We do have a feature request in the for backlight timer and hopefully our development team can implement something to extend this.  With the power sync options, unfortunately the power command is sent simultaneously to the devices.  For a more fine tuned experience, the Logitech Harmony remote setup may be the way to go.


Let us know if you have any further questions!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support